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Arrow to the Knee

Well, as I’m sure is obvious by all the tumbleweeds and the fact that the forest has taken over the temple, I haven’t posted anything in a long while. Since, what, June? July? And it’s not from lack of things to say, or lack of experiences to write about, it’s actually the exact opposite. I’ll try and catch you up, but fair warning, this is going to be more of a pity party than anything else. Remember to bring presents! What’s a party without presents?

These last few months have been the icing on the hell cake that’s been my recent life. Not only has finding a new job proved to be nearly impossible, but I’ve also managed to do something to my knee that’s given my leg permission to be a tail instead of a leg.

About a month ago my step dad swooped in and took my sister off with him and some close friends on a trip to California to commit my mother’s ashes to the ocean, as per her wishes (it only took a year). Not only did he choose Seventh Moon to do this, but it also basically left me alone in HIS house to look after his dog. Which would have been fine if I hadn’t blown my knee out walking said dog about a week into their month-long trip.

The damn thing’s useless now. If I sit for more than a half hour it swells up, as does the ankle on that leg, so I have to lie back and elevate it. I can barely put weight on it, which is a vast improvement from when it first blew out and I couldn’t even let my foot touch the ground without mind numbing pain. Which, incidentally, made the job of taking care of that dog all by myself super awesome. On top of all that, my step dad’s house is packed to the gills with junk he doesn’t need. The guy’s loaded and mentally five years old, and that makes for purchases that make no sense (like A Christmas Story’s leg lamp that’s just taking up space), so it’s basically a hoarder’s house and climbing over all this stuff just to get to the kitchen or bathroom’s been a hell of a good time.

Still, it could’ve been a truckload worse and their trip is over, now, so it’s a huge relief. And I’ve got a job interview tomorrow, so wish me luck with that! Unfortunately it’s one of those jobs where you’re on your feet for 10 hours at a time, so I hope they won’t mind too much if I take sit downs now and then to deal with this leg.

With all that griping, you’d think I’d be a sad sack, wouldn’t you? Trials be damned, I’m in a darling mood. It might be the high amount of noodle cups I’ve ingested in the last two days, I’m not sure… I’m of the mind that noodle cup can make just about anything better.

Now, where are my pity party presents? ;)