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California Theming

I’m sneaking around in the guts of my theme, trying to figure out how to strip the byline from my single page sidebar so that it makes sense to also have an author box at the bottom of the post (stop it, theme, you’re ticking me off) and it’s got me realizing I haven’t made a freebie WordPress theme in yonks.

Of course, that means I find myself debating what kind of theme I want to give away. My WP themes tend to be incredibly simple in structure, but I’m also a bit behind on the trends (as in I’ve just started with flat design these past two months). Remembering that this theme, possibly the first of many freebies, would actually be incredibly simple… what kind of themes would you like to see? Blog themes? Business (in which case I would laugh, heartily, at you since I’ve got no idea how to do a business theme that’s not magazine-style)? Fansite?

Let me know, because I’d love to start incorporating free designs again. I used to love doing it, but I’m incredibly out of practice and I think this would be a good way to get chugging along again!

What does this have to do with California? I wish I knew. I’m listening to The Mama’s and the Papa’s. The title just sort of happened.