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Changes at The Bronze & My Lovely Host

What a month it’s been, already! I’m swamped with real life and my new refocuse on freelancing but there are some fun things going on here at The Bronze!

Things to look foward to:

  • Brushes: My blog(s) have had free Photoshop brushes for as far back as I can remember. So what’s the change? Well, I plan to not only beef the section up but also take a few requests now and then. Need a certain kind of brush but can’t find it? Let me know, I’ll do my best!
  • Icons: I’m not new to iconing, but making icons for Tumblr Roleplay is a very specific process. They’re not the very detailed, every artistic icons you’d see on Livejournal, but more basic, true-to-screen and abundant. The whole point is that there’s an ‘expression’ icon for every ‘expression’ in your roleplay. Want a certain faceclaim/celebrity? Ask, we’ll talk!
  • Themes: This is very ‘coming soon’ as I’m still learning the ins and outs of Tumblr theming.

And now, on to other pressing matters of state – The lovely domain you’re currently surfing on has been renewed for another year, thanks to my mega generous host Kya! She’s an absolute angel, sweet as pie, and has been nothing short of incredible since I’ve been hosted with her. I hope you drop by CupMB or Giraffe Host and see what’s up!

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  1. Kya Kya

    That is interesting about the icons, and that they are different to those used on LiveJournal. :D

    It was my pleasure to help, and I am glad that I could. <3

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