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Dear Pinterest, I don’t understand you.

I’ve been on and off Pinterest since the beginning, before every crafty diva, pinup and mommy blogger found their way to the image sharing network. I’ve had three accounts (all deleted), I’ve had boards, I’ve made pins. In all that time, there’s one thing I’ve learned about Pinterest — I don’t get it.

How Do You Pinterest

Alright, I do realize that I’m very old and that it’s a miracle that I can use Instagram or Twitter at my age, but at least most social networks… do something. Instagram shares photos with caption (much like Pinterest), Tumblr allows the sharing of posts, photos and thoughts better than Facebook ever did (plus it turns out to be a nifty network for roleplaying). Twitter is a pioneer of social microblogging. But what does Pinterest do? I mean, what does it do that isn’t made redundant and done better by Instagram?

I’m not knocking the platform at all. This is a legitimate whine from a girl who can’t figure out what in the devil you use it for other than sharing blog posts and social networking. Is it fun? Am I missing something? Somebody help me out, here… How do you Pinterest?