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Fight Me: I’m Doing 5 Fandom Friday… on a TUESDAY!

Guess what I didn’t know about? 5 Fandom Friday – How did I not know? I only found out this morning when a friend of mine pointed me to the on Ruby Wings last Friday.

Well, I’m doing it, dag nabbit. I’m doing last Friday’s today. And just what are you going to do about it? Hmm? You wanna fight?

Alright, I’m done being Madame Mim.

So, last week’s was OTPs and that’s the reason I decided to do the whole blog twice in one week thing (gasp!) and lay down my favorite pairings that I literally never talk about on this blog. There was a time I did, though, but life being what it is my involvement in fandom is fairly minimal these days.

5 Fandom Friday

So, here we go. You lucky internet, you. Be forewarned, some of these are crossover or non-canon ships. I know that irks some people but this is just how I roll. All fanart used here was made by me. Yes, including the ones someone took and put on fanpop. Gifs are from tumblr and are not mine.

Sam Winchester & Faith Lehane

Sam Winchester & Faith Lehane

SERIES: Supernatural & Buffy the Vampire Slayer
CANON: Never, ever will it be and that breaks my poor heart. Crossover.

This one was done to me, not one I picked up on my own. At first I was actually weirded out by the pairing. There’s a lot of Duffy (Dean/Buffy) love in the crossover ship world and it seemed like if someone wrote a Duffy fic, Faith would be pushed off on Sam or vice versa. Pair the spares, that kind of thing. I’ve never been a fan of shipping characters just because they’re alone or standing next to each other. Or there.

My mind was changed through a long-term roleplay that started on a forum and jumped to tumblr. The roleplay paired with me finally getting around to watching Supernatural made it all make sense to me. Faith’s a Ruby but a hero at the end of the day. She’s got the look, she’s got edge, an iconic knife and Sam seems to have a type. Sam is an Angel, Giles, Wilkins, Wood. Big, strong, gentle and smart with a little monster inside him. I’ve been twitterpated with this ship. <3


Alaric Salztman & Damon Salvatore

Alaric Saltzman & Damon Salvatore

SHIP NAME: Dalaric
SERIES: The Vampire Diaries
CANON: It might as well be, but no.

I’ve said this to friends but never really out loud as talking about ships can sometimes irritate fandom people if you accidentally cross their chow line, now’s as good a time as any. Damon needed Alaric to become a real person. There, I said it.

I’m going to hop over all the super romantic stuff (like the fact that Damon pined for Ric when he was gone or that they look at each other in a way that doesn’t scream platonic – it’s like TVD’s answer to Destiel) and get right to the actual canon stuff. When Damon showed up on TVD he was a reckless ball of anger and destruction. If you’ve seen the growth of Damon and Ric’s relationship, you might notice something a bit odd. Ric socialized Damon. He socialized him like someone might socialize an at-risk dog.

Hug, sway. High school dance?

Ric held Damon to a standard, yelled at him sometimes, had his back when he needed someone and generally helped Damon become a real person. Someone Elena could see herself with. If the majority of fans are right and the main purpose of The Vampire Diaries is to be a delivery device for the Damon/Elena ship then Damon’s relationship with Alaric is the most important relationship on the show because it was that relationship that made Delena possible. Also it’s romantic, did I mention that?


Spike & Faith Lehane

Spike & Faith Lehane

SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series
CANON: From what I understand it almost was but Eliza did not reprise her role as Faith and never got her spin-off. They did have a moment in Buffy’s basement but a moment does not a canon ship make.

Yep, another Faith ship. And, yep, I’m playing favorites with her. Probably my first actual non-Buffy Summers ship and the longest running ship in my fandom life is Spaith. How long have I been shipping Spike and Faith? Well, for starters there’s a good chance that I coined the term, ‘Spaith’ so that should give you a good idea.

The way I saw it Spike is and always has been a caretaker. He took care of his mother, Drusilla and tried his damndest to take care of Buffy. He likes being of use and having that kind of intimate, exclusive connection with someone else. Faith doesn’t need someone to take care of her but she seems to want it, or at least someone who cares. Unfortunately, Faith’s also not too keen on rejection and if you’ve made it to the end of season seven you probably understand why it’s hard for me to ship them now.


Dean Winchester & Castiel

Dean Winchester & Castiel

SHIP NAME: Destiel
SERIES: Supernatural
CANON: No. My brain says no and then I see stuff.

Just ’cause. I don’t have a big, fluffy or super scientific reason for loving these two. I actually walked into SPN assuming it was just fans seeing something that wasn’t there.

Destiel in Purgatory
How is that platonic?

Then I saw season five. Then season six, then there was season eight. I don’t know what to think but I know it’s darn cute, whatever it is.


5 Fandom - Bangel

Buffy Summers & Angel

SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series
CANON: YES! Holy cow, a canon ship on this list!

With very few exceptions (Faith Lehane, Alaric Saltzman and the like), when I ship two characters together for some reason I rarely ship them with anyone else. I guess it would cause chaos in my fragile little mind, or something.

Bangel is my first real ship. Being the same age at the same time, I watched BtVS through Buffy’s eyes and when she fell in love with Angel, I did, too. The first season of the show is kind of silly. It’s like the first season of Supernatural in that it’s kind of stupid, monster-of-the-week stuff – bit like Wildberry Princess. Could be better. But it’s the season where Buffy meets Angel and the romance starts and for that I love it to the moon and back.

Buffy & Angel in Becoming part 2
“Pulled down by the undertow. Never thought I could feel so low. Oh, darkness, I feel like letting go…”

This ship (and Buffy, herself) is the reason TV shows can’t hurt my heart like they once did. Because Buffy fell for Angel and then season two happened. Painful, horrible, epic and amazing season two. Season two that brings tears to my eyes if I ever hear a Sarah McLachlan song. *curls into a ball* It’s happening again…

Honorable mentions: Salzthane (Faith Lehane/Alaric Saltzman and yes that really is the ship name – didn’t add it because it’s entirely roleplay based and set in the 40s and… the more I talk about it the more I wonder why I didn’t add it…), Bobby Singer & Ellen Harvelle. Not added because it breaks my heart all up. Mulder & Scully, because everyone’s doing that one right now. Meg & Hercules – See Sam & Faith.


  1. Yey! I got a warm tingly feeling when I got the pingback notification for your post. I’m so glad that you found something new via my blog :) And I love your OTP choices. I look forward to reading your blog some more :)

    • Faye Faye

      I did! I’m so out of touch with the whole fandom thing and being a fan, it’s nice to get back into it. :)

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