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Having no sushi at Mr. Sushi

I was kidnapped by my adorable, horrible stepdad for pretty much no other reason than he wanted to go somewhere and do something while he ran an errand or three around the Kansas City area. We breezed through most of it, messed around at Big Lots where I got a couple of Kohinoor heat & eat curries, some seven grain oats and a bag of flax seeds because a girl has needs and this particular girl needs flax seed hair setting lotion.

My sister’s looking for tiny, delicate pearl beads so that she can fix some worn beading on a mid-century pearl clutch, hence our hitting every romcom store in the area. Checked out Hobby Lobby, which was a bust like I figured it would be since the entire store is made up of plywood foot stools with crayon markings. At least they had some new-print vintage games, which might be on my list of must haves at some point.

Anyway, that’s all jibba jabba, and not the point of this blog post. The point is, in fact, an excuse to post my gallery of nifty photos from Mr. Sushi, a Japanese steak house in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Sis and dad went for teppanyaki (chicken, soup, salad, shrimp, rice, etc.) and I went with the octopus salad (on mountains of glorious cucumbers), steamed dumplings and several stolen pieces of chicken from Imouto and Otosan’s plates. But the best part was the Benihana-like teppanyaki show they put on for our combined $30. Kind of think the guy deserved more applause than he got:

Not really a review, but I had a great time. The decor and atmosphere was great, the show was fun, the food was good, they made a guy at the table try to catch about six shrimp in his mouth. Would definitely go again.


  1. I love Japanese food, and also teppanyaki. I used to love the fried veg they served at teppanyaki houses, but these days, because I am such an OCD cleanliness (LOL), I want to avoid smelling like oil when I come oout of the place? This is why I’d rather be far away from any live cooking!

    The gyozas look good.

    • Faye Faye

      We had some beautiful veg, a lot of onions, more than I’m used to at this kind of thing. I totally gt you about the smell (mostly, we left smelling like grill smoke), but I’m such a foodie and that’s part of the experience so I love it, lol!

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