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Holy Shnikes!

Alright, it’s possible that I’ve neglected The Bronze this month but I’ve got a very good excuse. Unfortunately, it’s one I don’t really feel comfortable sharing since it’s of a very personal nature and it’s none of your beeswax. :P

But, to catch you all up, I’m still plugging away at both flat design and one-page design which has lead me to the conclusion that I really stink at post types, I do. So much. But it’s not stopping me from my quest to produce a freebie I actually like that you can actually use. Although, it might also produce some whining and bitching along the way, lol.

What I’m working on this very second is a smooth-scroll, one-page template with built-in gravatar (or other avatar) in the header. I’m having issues with it’s set up, since one-page design isn’t what I would call intuitive. Not for me, at least. I’m working on this thing and wondering why one-page design is so popular off, say, a mobile or tablet device? Can anyone help me out with that? I’m at a loss.

Just got home from celebrating a birthday, playing around on a car ride. Fun stuff, might post photos when I’m not as exhausted! Goodnight, all. xoxo