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‘Laota is Evil’ or ‘What No Willpower Looks Like’

I’m getting all sorts of things done here (there’s a domain announcement coming up, but since I’m still working on the blog it’ll wait) and I happen to have had my work interrupted by my absolute bestie Laota and her magical ability to feed me things that are not good for me, lol.


She’s a bad person, yes?


  1. Lmao That’s how my mom used to be. Bad things for me and bam, I’m back into bad habits. Even my therapist commented on it. Lol

    • Faye Faye

      Generally I’m pretty good about it. My bestest Bloggy pal helps me keep motivated and stay mostly vegan but Miss Laota is the devil and I have no willpower. :P

  2. Kya Kya

    Haha, oops. >.<

    • Faye Faye

      Mega oops! I’m all about the oops these days!

  3. Sounds like my aunt! Whenever I visit, she feeds me ALL THE FOOD.

    • Faye Faye

      And it’s evil, right? We should sue or some such. :P

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