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Oy with the poodles, already…

So, my holiday season was beyond craptacular, how about yours? With all the running around, the family to deal with, the health problems… I kind of want to call it quits on the whole ‘holiday’ thing.

Still, it might not be the fact that the holidays are stressful that makes them so… stressful? It might be that they just don’t feel like holidays to me. There’s no magic in them. No glitz, no fun, no nothing. The only time I felt Christmas-y was watching Muppet Family Christmas on Youtube and avoiding a party I didn’t want to go to.

It wasn’t all bad, though. Once some of the more horrible things were over, New Year’s went by relatively unnoticed. It doesn’t feel like January or 2015, and it certainly doesn’t feel like I’m experiencing missing time, so I think I’ve just got a bad case of adult-itis. Holidays are really for kids, and if that’s true? May every holiday be bright and glitzy and fun.

Happy 2015, all!