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PSA: I’m white and I might never understand.

I’m going to say something that’s not so pleasant but I feel like I need to just get it out there. I’m white (as if you hadn’t noticed :P), and when it comes to inequality? I don’t get it like I should. Whatever the subject, however hard I’ve looked into it and tried to educate myself? I still don’t get it like I should. Like anyone who’s got eyes and ears I know it’s there, I know it’s bad and there’s a lot I do get but the real truth is that my white privilege makes it *really hard* to completely understand where very oppressed people are coming from. And even though I face some oppression for my own mixed-race background (specifically the obvious, obvious Jew-ness that’s just *all over* my face) I still don’t get what you’re going through.
But I want to. I want to not say stupid things or make anyone uncomfortable in my presence. So if I say something stupid or accidentally bigoted (and I assure you it will be an accident) you’re within your rights to tell me I’m being an idiot. Because I don’t mean to be. It’s MY job to learn and understand but I won’t always get it right so never, ever be afraid to tell me if I’m being accidentally homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist or any other stupid ‘ist’ a person can be. Once again, even with trying to educate myself, my privilege makes it hard to ever fully understand and sometimes I need help so this is me asking for it.
I’m not ashamed to be white, and I don’t suffer from white guilt (sorry) but I’m a practical person, more or less. Our realities are not the same, our experiences are different. I do know a shitty situation when I see it and I do realize that it’s skewed in a way that benefits me and people who look like me. And that’s not right, however you slice it.

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  1. Nobody should tell you you’re an idiot for being ignorant. That would make every young child an idiot because they don’t know many things life yet. Ignorance is not a bad thing, it only becomes bad thing when it’s used as an excuse to stay ignorant and purposely offend others, but that doesn’t seem to be your case. ;) Don’t worry.

    Also, I haven’t been around in a while, but haven’t forgotten about you, Faye. I’m trying to be back to personal blogging, after I went through some staff over the last year.

    How have you been?

    ~ Luana /

    • Faye Faye

      I’m doing good! I was wondering where you ran off to, how are you?

      • Glad to hear! :D I’ve been on and off with depression, so eventually I just focused on freelance blogging for my clients and stopped with many other things. I didn’t feel very sociable for a long time, too, due to an instance of bullying. I’m okay now, just sprained my knee badly in February and waiting for a surgery (May 30). Should be okay, though; quick thing. ^_^

        ~ Luana /

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