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Rock Jocking My Day

I want to liveblog the shows and films I watch but I hate it when people fill up social media with that kind of thing, so I’m trying out a liveblogging plugin that should let me add all my live updates on a subject to a single post without adding 80 posts to Twitter or Tumblr. So, this is where I test that plugin out, and I’ll do so by rock jocking my day while I go about my stupid, mundane uselessness. Prepare to be dazzled.

Added @ 14.57

Ended up on the business end of some WordPress theming. For someone who’s been taking it easy, for once, I’ve had an oddly busy day.

Added @ 12.21

Dropped everything to chat with my #bunkerverse peeps in the skype OOC chat thing. There’s a whole conversation going on about whether or not Ruby would kick Sam in the nuts and how much he does or doesn’t deserve it, lol.

Added @ 09.49

I just realized how many Cult screencaptures I have to sort through… ugh, why did I do this to myself?

Added @ 09.21

Wasting the hell out of my time sorting Legally Blonde screencaptures for an lame excuse to stare at Matt Davis. My life makes sense, really.


Added @ 08.17

Testing the plugin before I start. If you can see this? So far, so good!